Welcome! :P

Hello, and WELCOME TO MY AWESOME BLOG! Which is going to be based on how to get and install FREE games for Both Mac and PC. And game requests can go in the comments or you can find my YouTube on this account: 1996SG and PM me and I will reply to you asap.

Most of the links I will be providing you with in this site will be torrents so you will need a bittorent client such as vuze or utorrent (both free) installed on your computer to be able to download the games 😛 (all games will be guaranteed to work (depending on your computer + specs))
Enjoy 🙂

Ps: it is 12:30 right now so I will start posting links tomorrow and as often as I can 🙂

One comment on “Welcome! :P

  1. By the way (this is really cool) if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad ( or all of them like me) you can add the app for this blog to your home screen with the cool logo (not the WordPress one) and this way the address bar at the top of the page won’t show and it will look cool with the awesome iOS theme. To do this, (and you probably already know how) tap the Square icon with the arrow coming out of it in safari (while on the main page of the blog) and choose Add to home screen. Just leave the name as stuff4free141 and click add. 😛

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