Garry’s Mod Stuck at loading screen fix :P

(Edit: hey guys, i found out that this is my most popular post and yet only 2 people have clicked on the download link below? Whats the problem? I put it together myself and virus scanned it with 4 different programs, so you have nothing to worry about. Or if its another problem, let me know in the comments. Or you can send me a message on youtube to 1996SG.)

————–>>>>>>>>UPDATED THE LINK!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<—————-

So for my first post i wanted to be about my favorite game, Garry’s Mod. if you dont already have this game, go buy it on steam 😛 its hard to explain the awesomeness of this game. just watch a youtube vid or something.

Well i bought it, but unfortunately it didnt work. i saw on google and forums that other people were having the same problem. well i found a fix.

This was found entirely by myself, no googling required 🙂 but i found that this problem was caused by missing files that you dont get when you download the game for some reason. so what i did was i downloaded a UNlegit version (a torrent) of the game and found the files that were missing from my version of GMOD (Paid version ofcourse) and copied the files i was missing. all the files you need to get the game to work will be in the link below for you so you dont have to go downloading all these other files so here you go:  (old link)  (NEW Link!) <<<<———-

The instructions are provided inside the .zip file so just extract and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!! 😛

And incase you are wondering NO there is no viruses i swear 🙂 scan it if you don’t believe me but non of my links have viruses. promise 😛 so i hope this helps,

Enjoy GMod

4 comments on “Garry’s Mod Stuck at loading screen fix :P

    • I know it sucks. Its a long weekend so I’ll upload all of the gmod files so you can get the ones you are missing. Stupid government. But don’t worry anonymous took revenge by uploading the FBI employees personal details 😛
      But yeah I’ll sort out the link and update the post for u hopefully later tonight or tomorrow 🙂

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