How to set up a minecraft server *Requires working Internet Connection*

This is very easy to do but there are not allot of people who explain it properly, so heres the instructions simply:

This version requires an internet connection. If you want to play LAN without an internet connection or router Please read my other tutorial that will be on this blog soon 😛

Things you will need: (i will show you where to get in steps)

Minecraft server.exe


a wireless internet connection


1- Go to and on the right hand side under Buy Now and Play Minecraft, click on Download, or just go to Then scroll down to Multiplayer Server and click on Minecraft_Server.exe (802KB)

2- Once you have downloaded it, put it in a folder on your desktop called Minecraft Server. Then double click it an run the Mincraft_Server.exe and it will create a bunch of files and folders inside the folder you just created.

3- Find the file called server, server.propertylist or server.plist, whatever your computer shows it as. Right click on this and slect Open As. Then choose notepad (you may have to click browse to find notepad). Make sure server-port=25565 and change online-mode from online-mode=true to online-mode=false if you want to play in a private game. Now press the start button and search cmd and press enter, or go to start>all programs>acessories>Command Prompt. A black box will appear. type in ipconfig and press enter. Find where it says your IPv4 Address. Type this number into the server file you opened in note pad where it says server-ip=(Type your IPv4 in here)

4- Now you can close that and go back into the folder on your desktop. open the Minecraft_Server.exe again that you downloaded. Now open minecraft. Do this on every computer you want to play multiplayer on: Click Multiplayer and Add Server. Type in any name for server name and in server adress type in your (IPv4 here):25565 with no spaces. eg: or 192.168.746.12:25565, depending on what your IPv4 is.

Enjoy Multiplayer! You can also now type in Console commands that you can find on google.

Any comments or questions are appreciated as usual.

also if you server says Error: Could not bind to port Perhaps a server is already running on that port? This probably means your IPv4 has changed. I dont know why it does, it just does. well, for me anyways. just do the ipconfig step and re enter it in minecraft and server.plist as in earlier steps.

Enjoy 😀

5 comments on “How to set up a minecraft server *Requires working Internet Connection*

  1. My friends can’t see my server is up im the only one that can see it and i have set online mode:true or should i set in on online mode:false ???? Dont know Help!

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