How to setup a minecraft server WITHOUT internet connection

(instructions were 100% made and written by me)

The video tutorial i was making is still being put together. Stupid imovie for some reason has chosen now to stop importing mp4’s so i will have to find a free converter that converts to m4v an other formats. If anyone knows any good programs feel free to let me know in the comments πŸ˜› I will have it up MONDAY!

(im on my way to the airport right now and off to bali for the week so ill take my *cough*macbook*cough* and finish the vid on the beach or something ;P note that this also means i wont be able to reply to messages unless i find wifi so i dont get charged heaps for using my iphone)


Heres the link to the version of minecraft and server that I used in the tutorial incase yours doesnt work. I assume you have already bought the game so there is nothing wrong with getting another version for multiplayer (but i wont tell) πŸ˜›

(Extract and put the .minecraft folder in C:/Users/(yourusername)/Roaming) <;;;;;;;— The folder is also set as a hidden/OS Protected File (video explains this if you cant see the folder)

(Place in a folder on your desktop and run the .exe)


I have seen that allot of people have been looking at how to do this, but everyone else says no its not possible, you need a router/modem, internet connection, blah blah blah. Well i found out a way to play minecraft multiplayer WITHOUT yes WITHOUT an internet connection.

Its really simple, but unfortunately you need a mac or a program for pc that allows you to set up a personal network like how the mac does. Im not sure if there is such a program but ill leave that up to you πŸ˜€

EDIT: I found out how to do this on windows, but it needs more than one person connected to the network. read below for more info

You will also need the server program as i explained in the earlier post (for online) until you get up to step 3 Follow that post to install the minecraft_server.exe and then come back here and i will tell you how to set up the server.plist for an offline server.

1 (FOR PEOPLE WITH A MAC- once you have got the server.exe and set it up following the previous posts instructions up to step 3, go onto your mac and turn airport (wifi) on. Click on the wifi button on you mac status bar and select “create a network” or whatever it says on your mac. Call it whatever you want, and put a password on if you want. There is no need so i left it off.

once you have got the server.exe and set it up following the previous posts instructions up to step 3, right click on the wifi icon on your status bar and select open network and sharing center. then go to manage wireless networks in the left side bar and click on Add.
select create ad hoc network and next. type in a network name eg: Minecraft, set the security type to no authentication (open) and click next. you have created your network.

2- now that your personal hotspot (ad hoc network) is set up, go on your friends PC and connect them to the hotspot an anyone else who wants to play.

3- i have windows 7 installed on my mac so i restarted my mac into windows so i can play minecraft on that. And since your friends PC is still connected to the hotspot you created, it wont dissapear, even if you turn your macbook off. Then once i Was on windows i joined again and proceeded:

4- now you need to go into the host computer, that is the computer that is going to be running the minecraft_server.exe and go onto command prompt. Type in ipconfig and press enter.

5- Take note that you will need atleast two people on the network for this to work. Now write down your Autoconfiguration IPv4 address. If you Can find where it says Autoconfiguration ipv4, close comman prompt, wait a few minutes and then try typing ipconfig again. You can then close command prompt

6- go into the minecraft_server folder that you made on your desktop as explained in the other post, and open your server.plist file. Make sure you find these settings. If they are different change them for example if it says true change it to false etc.
Server-ip=(enter your ipv4 you wrote down earlier here)

7- now you can start minecraft on you and your friends PC’s and go into multiplayer>;;;;;;;;add server and type in your server name eg Dans Server. Then in server address write in your ipv4:25565
Eg: or depending on what your ipv4 is, of course πŸ˜›

Now just click done and join the server πŸ˜€
As always any questions just leave a comment below or send me a message on youtube at 1996SG

If your friend is trying to join your minecraft server but it says its disconnected or similar in red text (in minecraft) then this is how to fix it: disconnect your friend from the network you created (ad hoc) and get someone to connect their phone or extra laptop to join. I connected my iphone 4 to the wifi network i created and then when i could see the wifi bars up the top on the status bar (means im connected) i then got my friend to join again. (i think you can then disconnect your iphone once your friend has joined your minecraft server)


85 comments on “How to setup a minecraft server WITHOUT internet connection

  1. I get stuck at logging in….
    when i connect after a while, it says, Disconnected by server
    took too long to log in

    • What are you trying to log into, an online game i would presume? Ill check it out and see if i can find the problem and reply tomorrow. Stupid homework to do n stuff. But tomorrows a free day for me so ill do my best to help you out πŸ™‚

    • Sorry, ignore my previous reply. I thought you were talking about gmod. could you send me 1- a screen shot of it and make doubley sure that the ip in ipconfig matches the one in your server.plist. What i did was connect 2 laptops, waited for them to connect for a minute, and then connected my iphone an it then gave me the correct IP
      2- how did you create the private network (did you use a mac or widows)
      There will be problems with this, it took me about 2 hours to work out of pure guessing what would work.
      I might set it up again but take screen shots to make it easier to follow the instructions πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome! Thanks man I’m going to try this right now. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I will let you know how it goes.
    One question, if I only have one minecraft account can I still do this if I change the player names for the other computers? For example this tutorial suggests it:

    • Yes If you change the player names it should work fine. The way I did it was torrent a cracked version of the game so a friend can play. I think if u bought the game once there’s nothing wrong with getting a cracked one so a friend can try it out. The cracked versions you can easily change the name, and I just think of it as a demo. If your friend is thinking about buying it I’d say it’s fine.
      Let me know if you have any other problems.
      Thanks for commenting πŸ˜›

      • So I had already set up the minecraft server according to the minecraftwiki, but you mention having followed your previous posts and opening the server.plist file
        I may have not set up the minecraft server correctly, because I can’t find a server.plist file so maybe I did it differently than your posts suggested. ..and for some reason I can’t find them on your blog. Maybe I’m just blind and it’s right in front of me πŸ™‚ if they are not up for some reason could you email them to me? Let me know if you don’t have access to the email I list here when posting. Thanks!

  3. How do I give the server a name or does the first person to join just create the name? Also when you say at least two people need to be connected to the network, the windows server computer doesn’t count right? I might just use the mac to host and that way we can use it to play and host and have just one other computer connect to it. Thanks again for the help.

      • It is how many devices you have connected to the network that counts do you can use the server computer. Sometimes it requires 3, so I just connect my iPhone and it usually works. Sometimes you have to wait for all of the devices to properly connect before IP Config will give you the right IP for your server πŸ˜€
        Also the last time I tried The server didn’t work when I updated my minecraft to the latest version. I’m not sure if it is compatible yet so until they say for sure I wouldn’t update my minecraft yet if you haven’t already. Hope this helps πŸ˜›

  4. Hi. i did not try this yet but i hope it will work.
    i just want to say before i trie, that i can not find any ipadress on my cmd.
    every device says it is disconnected. if another computer (one) is connected, will it show any?
    i have one brother with whom i’ld like to play. I would apreciate if you can answer this question for me.
    Thanks already,
    the man with the hat,

    • Hey thanks for asking πŸ™‚
      I had the same problem at one point. There’s a few things I would try, but yes you can use your friends computer to set up the server if his has the ip. Your looking for the ipv4 in CMD.
      1- make sure both of your computers are connected to the same network. Give it about 5 mins to connect them together.
      2- another thing you can do is if it still won’t work, if you have an iPhone iPod or iPad you can connect one of them to the network aswell, which is what I did.

      If you haven’t gone through the instructions yet on the post then follow that through and let me know if you still have the same problem or anything else comes up

      Oh yes and I’m going over a friends house soon to play minecraft again so I’ll double check the instructions to make sure it works. It took me over 2 hours to get this to work last time, but the instructions should be correct now
      Good luck πŸ™‚

  5. ok i did what you wrote in your post but it just doesn’t work… most likely i did something wrong, ok (i have Mac btw) so when i try to connect to my own server it says:
    Can’t reach server
    Every time i try to connect to my server (I’m the host) it says
    Failed to connect to server
    Connection refused
    And on minecraft server :
    WARNING] The exception was: Can’t assign requested address
    [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
    pls help i was trying to get offline server working for months so i can play with my friends but it’s happens not to work…

    • Sorry, i corrected my steps,
      Well i made ad-hoc network
      I put my ipv4 address in and other stuff like online mode false etc.
      my friend connected to my network, so then we both went on mine craft
      i made a server, and it looked fine bars were green,
      so the problem is that i can’t go on my server, and my friend can’t go on it as well.
      when i try go on it it says:
      Logging in…
      Disconnected by Server
      Took to long to log in

      Connecting to the server
      Failed to connect to the server
      Connection refused: connect

      Please i would be extremely thankful if you helped

      • What version of minecraft do you have? Because the last time I tried they hadn’t updated the server for the newer version of minecraft. Also are you using the cracked game? Because if it still isnt working I could send you my copy. you can set your name to whatever you want when you start the game, and thats another thing, make sure you both have different names. If you both try to join with the same name the server will kick you both. Like I said I’ll upload my version, and if it would help, I was thinking about making a vid explaining the whole thing. Maybe that would be easier to follow.
        Good luck πŸ˜€

  6. We both have 1.2.3 I’m pretty sure it is Minecraft SP my friend is using windows I’m using mac
    Maybe i will try to download another version of mine craft server (*a newer one)
    But yah, that would be great if you made a video tutorial or at least some pictures.

    • Yea I’ll try to make a vid and ill upload my version of minecraft (windows tho) but it will definately work. (It will be uploaded when i get to my laptop later today) Unless theyve updated the server then v 1.2.3 won’t work because thats the one I tried. You can easily get windows on Mac I’ve made a tutorial for it on this blog but it’s not finished yet so I’ll finish that off.

    • Ok heres the link to the minecraft and server i used:
      just extract and put the .minecraft folder in the usual place (i think theres a readme in it with more instructions) and make a folder on your desktop, put the minecraft_server.exe in it and run it, then set it up normally with your ipv4 etc. Hopefully that helps. just remember that this is only for windows. and its really easy to put windows on your mac, just look on youtube for a good tutorial or let me know and i will finish mine when i can.

  7. Hmm… we tried it with different username’s and it’s pretty much same thing… i can’t even go on my server that what i don’t understand, it’s just says logging, and then stops because it takes too much time

  8. Ok, so i got new version of minecraft server and things changed a bit, well now when I’m trying to go on my server it says:
    Disconected by server
    Outdated client
    its kind of stupid because my last version of server was 1.0.0 and now it is the latest one 1.2.4 i believe… any ideas?

  9. Oh yah, and btw do you know if it is possible to setup minecraft server without internet, but by setting it up with an ethernet cable, i tried it couple of month ago, i got it to the point that my friend could go on a server, but then everything just go out of control and it stopped working (it is not really that important, because i would really want to do it the way you explained it)

    • Nah I’ve tried it before but because minecraft is wireless LAN based unless they put it in the game or you have crazy hacking/java coding skills I doubt it would be possible 😦

  10. Ok… i setup my server, and game (I’m making some progress), so now i can access my server, and my friend can’t, for him it says:
    failed to connect to the server connection refused: connect
    Well, the only way he can go on my server is WITH internet connection… honestly i wouldn’t mind it, but since i have dial-up it sucks. My speed is like 2kb/s if I’m lucky,
    So yah, i think the issue is that his minecraft doesn’t count my ad-hoc network (computer-to-computer) as an internet network, like it just doesn’t use it… i have no idea how to fix this or make his computer to actually use that connection… it’s weird it says its connected to my network but he can’t join my server… i would be glad if you helped here…

  11. Honestly i think i have problem with my ip, cause I’m not sure if it is ipv4 agrees of my mac or not… i now how show all of my ip i just have to go in terminal and type ifconfig and then it shows me like 6 different ips so i would be thankful a lot if you could figure out which one is the ipv4 address, so that could be a problem to but i don’t know… thanks anyway

    • K I’ll have a look now, also sometimes it only FULLY connects both computers if you have a few devices connected, in my case I connected an iPhone aswell and it worked after that

    • Ok well first off there are 6 versions of ip. Your looking for the fourth. your running the server on your Mac right, so I would try setting up the server on your friends PC, that way you can just type in ipconfig and see the ipv4 clearly labeled in command prompt. Your ipv4 should be like and if you still can’t find it try this ip:

    • Ok incase you didnt see it above i found the problem and uploaded the correct version of minecraft for you to use. You both need to be using this version of minecraft ( You will see the link above just download that and put it in C:/Users/(yourusername)/Roaming and it will work. I guarantee this version will work and I have a video that im editing and uploading that will be on today or tommorow πŸ˜€

  12. This only works if you are connecting via a router. If you try to just join their new network, you will notice that the host does not have an IP address, as it is something assigned by the router.

    • Actually, I have done it myself and I can prove that it works. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place. I have decided to make a video now showing how to do this which I will make and post later today. That good enough for you? πŸ˜›

  13. Yeah guys I have had it working great with 1.0 and 1.1 and have not updated past that for that reason. And actually, i only need two devices connected if our Mac is the one that started and hosts the ad-hoc network and runs the server (it has more ram than the pc anyway). Just use 1.0 and follow the instructions exactly, it works.

    • Yea Sometimes it takes too long to connect like yesterday when i tried it, and connecting an iPhone speeds that up for some reason. Maybe I’m wrong but it worked for me :). And I run the server and game on my MacBook aswell and even though I’ve only got the white unibody MacBook it still runs great

  14. Yah… not really i tried every ip there is etc… and then i went on my network settings and then i went on wifi options (advanced) and then auto configure ip address, well then it showed me some ip, later on my friends pc it said something like that: Another device is using same ip as you have
    So i used that ip and it worked… well from what i understand i had to use my friends ip… anyway it worked :))) I’m glad plus it is actually pretty fast.

  15. oh yah btw i never used your version which you posted… you just need a server which works with your version of minecraft like i have Minecraft SP 1.2.4 and minecraft server 1.2.4 here you go- πŸ™‚

    • Ok sweet I never checked to see if they updated it. And my version if anyone is interested has a working Online server with lots of people on it. Instructions how to join are in the file when you download it πŸ˜€

  16. can u play minecraft sp 1.2.3 (cracked) over ad hoc? if so how? im trying to play with a friend and i dont have net at home.

    • Yes you can. If you look in the earlier comments you will see that artur had set it up with 1.2.4 you just need the newest server version. If you go on the minecraft website, go to the download page and download the server from there that should give you the newest version πŸ˜€ sometimes they update the game but don’t update the server for awhile but if your on 1.2.3 it should work just as well. Then just follow the instructions in the post or watch the video when I upload it

  17. I followed all of your directions, but when, after I connect to the new server, my friend tries to connect, it kicks me off. I found that we both have the same name of “Player”….how can I change our names? Any idea how to fix this problem?

    • Download the cracked version of minecraft I put in the post because once you start it you get the option to type in your name. If your only trying to play with two people then only one of you should have to use the cracked version to change your name. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  18. My questions are can u 1. Have a normal wifi AND set this up 2. Can ur friend be on a different network about a mile away and u still be able to connect to ur network and 3. Does this cost money?

    • yes you can set it up and your friend will be able to connect but you will have to make a server over WiFi and your friend enters your IP address on their computer (through minecraft) (I have another post on that) and no it doesnt cost you money other that the standard charge you pay for your internet (with your internet provider)

  19. VLC player converts most video types! Try it out.
    Open File…Streaming/Exporting Wizard…select Transcode/Save to File, click Next…choose the video…etc.
    Otherwise, works most of the time.

    • haha yeah i ❀ VLC and if your commenting about the vid i was suppost to be uploading unfortunately it was a problem with imovie importing the vid. ill see if i can recover it and upload it when i can :p

  20. Hey, I’ve got the newest version of this minecraft server and did everything you said but when i try to connect with my other laptop ( the one not hosting ). I says it cant seem to find the host.

  21. can you use a router????? or does it have to be adhoc???? pls answer soon as possible. thanks oh btw its because I don’t have a wirless card in my pc

  22. Do you need Mac for this, I tried the same method with terraria , and my friend couldnt dectect the network we both have Win7 starter any advice ?

  23. Mine says “Connection lost,End of stream”

    I can’t connect,My IP is (:25565)

    I have Minecraft server open,it normally says:[WARNING] Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

    But before that it says done,and stuff,I have looked on many sites,and it doesn’t help at all!

  24. If you need a free video converter, use Format Factory. It’s free, easy, and has a lot of options to adjust the resolution, dimensions etc. Plus, it can also convert sound files (i.e. music) and images as well.

  25. When I type iconfig in cmd it comes up with

    Iconfig is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

      • That was just a type-o. I used ipconfig and still had the problem. I found the problem(s). First I did not type in the password at the login then I had to figure out what ip address to use. According to canyouseeme the ip address is different from the one ipconfig gives you to allow the outside user to get in. This is really neat to me cause this is the first time I played the game. Too busy with technical difficulties to play it. I think I have it straight now. Thank you for your help and sorry to bother you!

      • Haha that’s ok bro, glad you sorted it out :3
        Yeah you sometimes have to stay connected to the network for while before ipconfig will show you the right IP address πŸ˜› I had to connect another device to my wifi for it to work

  26. I tried making the Adhoc server and was connected to it but Minecraft won’t connect to it. I run the Minecraft_Server and then run the game and try to get in via Multiplayer and added the Adhoc server and all I get it “Lost connection end of stream”. Every server type I run does the same thing. Is there something on my laptop causing this? I want to play the game with my son through the router between my laptop and his desktop. Any help would be appreciated?

    • Sounds like you have the wrong IP address. Make sure the ipv4 is right, and if you’re only playing with a computer and a laptop, you could use an Ethernet cable between the two, (without the router) wait for them to connect, run ipconfig in cmd and get that ipv4. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll check it on mine, goodluck πŸ™‚

      Edit: Oh yeah and actually in the newest version of minecraft they have added a function to create a multiplayer LAN game through the game itself, but you won’t get the console to change the settings or as many commands

      • I tried the IP address on the server properties and failed. Which address am I using the one for the adapter or there is also one for Himachi??

      • Sorry to bother again but I have another question. I wanted to add my music to the jukebox but I can’t find the app folder. I downloaded the Minecraft.exe file but there is no installation of the .minecraft folder. Did I download the wrong thing? Thanks in advance for your help?

      • Make sure you’re not using the hanachi server IP but either the wireless adapter or ethernet IPv4 adress, depending on whether you’re using a wireless network as in the post or ethernet cable.
        I can post a pic if you still cannot find it haha.

  27. me and my brother wanted to play offline with your tutorial and we got up to the part about both of us connecting to the network and changing the settings on the server but after that once i created the server it said polling when i tried to connect and also when i tried to connect to my brothers network on my windows 8 laptop there were no bars on the wifi but it still said connected.

    thanks, please help/reply

    • Yeah only follow the steps that show you how to install the server. Basically download minecraft_server.exe from the minecraft website, place in in an empty folder and double click on it.

  28. how do you get the horse update it is so anooying so how do i get it and and the servers i had in Minecraft are ready but then this red x comes up when the server is ready is it that i cant connect with the servers or is it something else?

    • To get horses you have to download minecraft again, it’s part of the newest version of the launcher. As for the servers, you’ll also have to update your servers to the latest version that matches your game version, and if that doesn’t work make sure your IP is set correctly in the server config file, and if youre running an online server that the required ports are forwarded properly.

  29. THANK YOU! I was super stressed because we just disconnected our internet. My wife likes minecraft, so you probably saved our marriage.

  30. II did everything you said, But when I ran the server I checked the server properties and it said
    I tried to join my server but it didn’t work.

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