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It would be awesome to see more people with the app on their iPhone or android. However I’m not going to pay $100 to apple to make a free app for the app store so read on:

EDIT: I just bought the Samsung galaxy note so I can do some android tutorials now 😀 leave any suggestions for future posts on suggestion page. I might start up a free apps page for android phones, no root permissions required (Iphones can use installous instead)

To get the iPhone or ipod/ipad app for this blog
1- Go to this blogs home page on your iPhone
2- Open the the “Safari” app and press the button at the bottom of the middle of the screen that looks like an arrow jumping out of a box. (Or a plus if your on iOS 3 :P)
3- Then tap “Add to Homescreen”.
Make sure it says “stuff4free141”

Sometimes it cuts off the last “1”
…and you now have a cool icon on your home screen! The app icon should be grey with the apple logo if not then click add to home screen again and wait for the icon to change before tapping add.

If you have a jailbroken device PLEASE read and follow the instructions below:

Get iFile from cydia and learn how to use it if you haven’t already. Open iFile and go to var/mobile/library/webclips and find the folder with the stuff4free141 icon. Click on the info.plist file in that folder, then tap property list editor and change the settings to look like this:

ClassicMode: On
Full Screen: On
IconIsPrecomposed: On
IconIsScreenShotBased: Off

This will make the app much easier to use and will make it an actual app! External links you click on will open in safari though 😦 until I find a workaround. I might make a proper web app with the iOS SDK soon but it will only be for jailbroken devices

Thanks 😀

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