How to reset your iPhone/iPad/iPod home button

How to make your iPhone/iPod/iPad Homebutton feel like its new.

My friend showed me this and I couldnt believe it so I thought I would upload I for others to see.

Does your home button get stuck, is hard to press or just doesn’t have that new click anymore? Well heres how to reset it. (trust me it 100% works but I have only ever tried it on an iPhone 4)
1- go to ANY app that came PREINSTALLED on your device. I use the weather app.
2- Once in the weather app hold the power/sleep button until it comes up with slide to power off. DON’T slide to power off.
3- Hold the home button until it exits to the home screen.

And there you have it! It might not work for everyone but I DEFINATELY noticed a difference and my iPhone now feels like when I just bought it.
Thanks for reading! 🙂

Minecraft iphone mutiplayer not working?

People were asking so i thought i might aswell make a short post

EDIT: If you want to leave a comment asking a question that is fine but I need information to help you troubleshoot, such as, are you playing on the full game (have you bought it) or are you using the free version. Is it updated to the latest version, what ios/android version are you on etc. Most of the problems seem to be with the iPhone version because I haven’t seen many people with problems on android, if any at all.

Please note that multiplayer on the minecraft app is multiplayer ONLY over LAN. This means you CANNOT play online, only with a friend who also has the app and is connected to the same WIFI as you. Hope this clears some issues up 🙂

Also I have updated this post mentioning android as they are pretty much the same however they are different devices in the way they are programmed to run the app and so the problem might not be the game but compatibility with your android phone, to the minecraft app, to your wifi.
Hopefully that makes sense but I’m sure any problems with the app will be fixed in future updates (which is annoying because there are hardly any)
And I’m no android guru but I know my way around any phone as soon as I pick it up 😀

If your minecraft (pocket edition) multiplayer doesnt work, eg: you cant join a friends game:
•Go into options in the minecraft app and make sure it says server is always visible. This is set to the on position by default and you can also change this setting later through the pause menu in-game
•make sure that the iphones/ipods/ipads or android phones/tablets your playing on are connected to the same WIFI network
•update your game to the latest version via the app store or android market
•make sure each person has a different name
•you cannot play over 3G at the moment
•if your WIFI uses a network proxy with a login it wont work (thats how it is now and probably wont change in future app updates)

I will update the list as i find more possible problems

Any other unlisted or unfixed problems leave a comment or Email me and i will do my best to help you out 😀

Minecraft on psp without CFW!!

This post has been a draft for awhile but will be finished tomorrow since I lost my psp charger but I will find a workaround soon. [The instructions may not be 100% accurate yet until I update the blog tomorrow]

Hey everyone, i just found this out and thought why not share it with the world. Im a huge minecraft fan who plays nearly 10 hours when i get into it 😛 and i was thrilled to find out that there was a way of getting it on my psp 1000 without custom firmware. So your psp does not need to be jailbroken (CFW). All you need is a psp with a memory stick, a computer that can read the psp or memorystick or a usb for your psp and the minecraft for psp game files.

1- First, you need to go to this link:
(will be updated tomorrow)
to download the minecraft game files.

2- Then plug your psp into your computer via usb cable, turn your psp on and enter usb mode under your settings.

2- open your psp memory stick on your computer and go into the folder called psp>;game and copy the minecraft game files you downloaded into this game folder. If you do not have a game folder, then you need to create a folder inside of psp called game. You can now take your psp out of your computer, exit usb mode and from your psp XMB menu, go to game>;memory card>;Minecraft (it also has a minecraft icon)

Have fun on minecraft 😀 the controls are as follows:
Left bumper – Destroy blocks
Right bumper – create blocks
Triangle, circle, square, X – look around
Select – Jump
Start – pause
Analog stick – move
DPad Up/Down (arrows) – change Block set
DPad Left/Right (arrows) – change block

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How to setup a minecraft server WITHOUT internet connection

(instructions were 100% made and written by me)

The video tutorial i was making is still being put together. Stupid imovie for some reason has chosen now to stop importing mp4’s so i will have to find a free converter that converts to m4v an other formats. If anyone knows any good programs feel free to let me know in the comments 😛 I will have it up MONDAY!

(im on my way to the airport right now and off to bali for the week so ill take my *cough*macbook*cough* and finish the vid on the beach or something ;P note that this also means i wont be able to reply to messages unless i find wifi so i dont get charged heaps for using my iphone)


Heres the link to the version of minecraft and server that I used in the tutorial incase yours doesnt work. I assume you have already bought the game so there is nothing wrong with getting another version for multiplayer (but i wont tell) 😛

(Extract and put the .minecraft folder in C:/Users/(yourusername)/Roaming) <;;;;;;;— The folder is also set as a hidden/OS Protected File (video explains this if you cant see the folder)

(Place in a folder on your desktop and run the .exe)


I have seen that allot of people have been looking at how to do this, but everyone else says no its not possible, you need a router/modem, internet connection, blah blah blah. Well i found out a way to play minecraft multiplayer WITHOUT yes WITHOUT an internet connection.

Its really simple, but unfortunately you need a mac or a program for pc that allows you to set up a personal network like how the mac does. Im not sure if there is such a program but ill leave that up to you 😀

EDIT: I found out how to do this on windows, but it needs more than one person connected to the network. read below for more info

You will also need the server program as i explained in the earlier post (for online) until you get up to step 3 Follow that post to install the minecraft_server.exe and then come back here and i will tell you how to set up the server.plist for an offline server.

1 (FOR PEOPLE WITH A MAC- once you have got the server.exe and set it up following the previous posts instructions up to step 3, go onto your mac and turn airport (wifi) on. Click on the wifi button on you mac status bar and select “create a network” or whatever it says on your mac. Call it whatever you want, and put a password on if you want. There is no need so i left it off.

once you have got the server.exe and set it up following the previous posts instructions up to step 3, right click on the wifi icon on your status bar and select open network and sharing center. then go to manage wireless networks in the left side bar and click on Add.
select create ad hoc network and next. type in a network name eg: Minecraft, set the security type to no authentication (open) and click next. you have created your network.

2- now that your personal hotspot (ad hoc network) is set up, go on your friends PC and connect them to the hotspot an anyone else who wants to play.

3- i have windows 7 installed on my mac so i restarted my mac into windows so i can play minecraft on that. And since your friends PC is still connected to the hotspot you created, it wont dissapear, even if you turn your macbook off. Then once i Was on windows i joined again and proceeded:

4- now you need to go into the host computer, that is the computer that is going to be running the minecraft_server.exe and go onto command prompt. Type in ipconfig and press enter.

5- Take note that you will need atleast two people on the network for this to work. Now write down your Autoconfiguration IPv4 address. If you Can find where it says Autoconfiguration ipv4, close comman prompt, wait a few minutes and then try typing ipconfig again. You can then close command prompt

6- go into the minecraft_server folder that you made on your desktop as explained in the other post, and open your server.plist file. Make sure you find these settings. If they are different change them for example if it says true change it to false etc.
Server-ip=(enter your ipv4 you wrote down earlier here)

7- now you can start minecraft on you and your friends PC’s and go into multiplayer>;;;;;;;;add server and type in your server name eg Dans Server. Then in server address write in your ipv4:25565
Eg: or depending on what your ipv4 is, of course 😛

Now just click done and join the server 😀
As always any questions just leave a comment below or send me a message on youtube at 1996SG

If your friend is trying to join your minecraft server but it says its disconnected or similar in red text (in minecraft) then this is how to fix it: disconnect your friend from the network you created (ad hoc) and get someone to connect their phone or extra laptop to join. I connected my iphone 4 to the wifi network i created and then when i could see the wifi bars up the top on the status bar (means im connected) i then got my friend to join again. (i think you can then disconnect your iphone once your friend has joined your minecraft server)


How to set up a minecraft server *Requires working Internet Connection*

This is very easy to do but there are not allot of people who explain it properly, so heres the instructions simply:

This version requires an internet connection. If you want to play LAN without an internet connection or router Please read my other tutorial that will be on this blog soon 😛

Things you will need: (i will show you where to get in steps)

Minecraft server.exe


a wireless internet connection


1- Go to and on the right hand side under Buy Now and Play Minecraft, click on Download, or just go to Then scroll down to Multiplayer Server and click on Minecraft_Server.exe (802KB)

2- Once you have downloaded it, put it in a folder on your desktop called Minecraft Server. Then double click it an run the Mincraft_Server.exe and it will create a bunch of files and folders inside the folder you just created.

3- Find the file called server, server.propertylist or server.plist, whatever your computer shows it as. Right click on this and slect Open As. Then choose notepad (you may have to click browse to find notepad). Make sure server-port=25565 and change online-mode from online-mode=true to online-mode=false if you want to play in a private game. Now press the start button and search cmd and press enter, or go to start>all programs>acessories>Command Prompt. A black box will appear. type in ipconfig and press enter. Find where it says your IPv4 Address. Type this number into the server file you opened in note pad where it says server-ip=(Type your IPv4 in here)

4- Now you can close that and go back into the folder on your desktop. open the Minecraft_Server.exe again that you downloaded. Now open minecraft. Do this on every computer you want to play multiplayer on: Click Multiplayer and Add Server. Type in any name for server name and in server adress type in your (IPv4 here):25565 with no spaces. eg: or 192.168.746.12:25565, depending on what your IPv4 is.

Enjoy Multiplayer! You can also now type in Console commands that you can find on google.

Any comments or questions are appreciated as usual.

also if you server says Error: Could not bind to port Perhaps a server is already running on that port? This probably means your IPv4 has changed. I dont know why it does, it just does. well, for me anyways. just do the ipconfig step and re enter it in minecraft and server.plist as in earlier steps.

Enjoy 😀

GTA IV PC Free Download

In this post i have uploaded GTA IV for PC. The folder Contains a torrent to GTA IV and Instructions that I made myself so that you can install it easily. Enjoy 🙂

Heres the Link:

As i said this download comes with the torrent, Daemon Tools (Free Version) and detailed instructions that tell you how to install. Torrent was not uploaded by me but the link above was. So was the folder that i put together in the download. I would give you a direct download to the torrent on TPB aswell but i cant find it. But it works 100%

Im playing it on a mid 2010 Unibody (white) MacBook running windows 7 64 Bit

Credit for the Instructions and putting the folder together in the download link goes to me (and i took a LONG time to type up) 🙂

Comment if you have any questions and i will be posting instructions how to install windows on your Mac in a few days if you have a Mac

Dead Island (PC)

This is a new game my friend just downloaded. im sure most of you know what the game is or have heard of it before. To shorten it down the game is a free roam FPS zombie survival game, or you could say its a FRFPSZSG to make it even shorter 🙂 Heres the link:

The total download size is about 5.49 GB and to install it takes about 6 to 7 GB. I will edit the post in 1 or 2 days with instructions but for now, download the game through the .torrent file and check back later for instructions as the download does not come with ‘proper’ instructions yet i guess.

Garry’s Mod Stuck at loading screen fix :P

(Edit: hey guys, i found out that this is my most popular post and yet only 2 people have clicked on the download link below? Whats the problem? I put it together myself and virus scanned it with 4 different programs, so you have nothing to worry about. Or if its another problem, let me know in the comments. Or you can send me a message on youtube to 1996SG.)

————–>>>>>>>>UPDATED THE LINK!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<—————-

So for my first post i wanted to be about my favorite game, Garry’s Mod. if you dont already have this game, go buy it on steam 😛 its hard to explain the awesomeness of this game. just watch a youtube vid or something.

Well i bought it, but unfortunately it didnt work. i saw on google and forums that other people were having the same problem. well i found a fix.

This was found entirely by myself, no googling required 🙂 but i found that this problem was caused by missing files that you dont get when you download the game for some reason. so what i did was i downloaded a UNlegit version (a torrent) of the game and found the files that were missing from my version of GMOD (Paid version ofcourse) and copied the files i was missing. all the files you need to get the game to work will be in the link below for you so you dont have to go downloading all these other files so here you go:  (old link)  (NEW Link!) <<<<———-

The instructions are provided inside the .zip file so just extract and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!! 😛

And incase you are wondering NO there is no viruses i swear 🙂 scan it if you don’t believe me but non of my links have viruses. promise 😛 so i hope this helps,

Enjoy GMod

Welcome! :P

Hello, and WELCOME TO MY AWESOME BLOG! Which is going to be based on how to get and install FREE games for Both Mac and PC. And game requests can go in the comments or you can find my YouTube on this account: 1996SG and PM me and I will reply to you asap.

Most of the links I will be providing you with in this site will be torrents so you will need a bittorent client such as vuze or utorrent (both free) installed on your computer to be able to download the games 😛 (all games will be guaranteed to work (depending on your computer + specs))
Enjoy 🙂

Ps: it is 12:30 right now so I will start posting links tomorrow and as often as I can 🙂