Yohio – Frantic Elegance Cover

(No I am not left handed, I had to use my laptop webcam so the video is flipped)
Not finished and some parts aren’t entirely perfect yet but I thought since I haven’t uploaded anything in a little while I’d throw this up to show what I’ve done so far. Also just as a note I messed up the chord part right at the end so I had to redo the audio for that one part.
Sorry for the really bad video quality, the windows 8 camera app keeps crashing so I had to use my macbook instead which has a terrible camera.
Started learning the song entirely by ear two or three days ago and have been playing it for hours since to get it right haha. Might write guitar pro tabs at some point.
I’ll upload the full song once its done, and will then be going on to learn all of Yohio’s songs, but If you want to suggest anything leave a comment or send me a message either through youtube or facebook.
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Equipment used:
– ESP LTD H-1007 FR (In Drop B tuning)
– Line 6 Pod X3 Live
– Alienware M17x with REAPER. (was using Logic Pro 9 but it was messing up so I ended up switching back to reaper for the time being)
(I do not own this song or write it, ownership and copyright and all that go to Yohio, I am only covering the song on guitar)

Sermedy – No Escape guitar cover (with tabs) by Daniel Harvey

(Tabs & guitar tone download link below)

A friend showed me this song and I thought it was pretty good so I decided to learn it.

There are no tabs or music online or anywhere i could find, so i just learnt it by ear, slowing the song down and listening while comparing the sound with the music video so I could play it 100% the same as how it is played in the song.

Tabs: ((v 0.2) guitar solo tabs now finished)

(I will keep updating this link until I have tabbed the entire song, so keep checking back)

Line 6 Pod X3 Live tone:

(Should work for most if not all Line 6 Pod devices/Pod Farm or gearbox)

My main recording equipment:

– Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II
– Line 6 Pod X3 Live
– My own custom built gaming PC
– MacBook Pro
– iMovie
– Alienware m17x r4 (webcam)